Josh (chaoswolf1982) wrote in metaquotes,

Holy Son of God, BatJesus!

Over at scans_daily, our friend teh_no had a revelation of the comic-book kind

Matthew: Holy fallen angel, Jesus! It's Satan, that dastardly devil.

Satan: Bwahahaha! What's big and mean and stands as an eternal chasm between Man and God?

Matthew: Sin!

Jesus: Right you are, old chum. And since the wages of sin is death, every last man, woman, and child on earth is doomed!

Matthew: Some days you just can't get rid of a sin. Satan, you are not a nice person!

Jesus: But wait... maybe... if I were to die for their sins... they just might have a chance!

Satan: Curses, foiled again! I'll get you next time, Jesus! This isn't over!

Jesus: Yes it is, diabolical fiend. For whoever believes in me shall not perish, but shall have ever-lasting life.
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