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*braces self*

Long-time lurker and commenter, first-time poster...should I be wearing armor? Anyway, my friend ladyniko posted over in nexus_tales about an...unusual conversation concerning the Green Goblin.

Ether[lurk] (( ...I wonder if the central part of his /exposition/ stays green even when he's not Green Goblin... ))
Alice[invisible] ((*snrk*))
NormanOsborn ((Well, considering he, canonically, has green blood...))
Ether[lurk] (( ...Green Goblin-Wang of Justice? ))
MattIsNerveWracked (( ......... ))
Ether[lurk] (( GGWJ, for short. ))

QWP. The entire conversation, to be found here, is quite funny and more than a little disturbing.

*ducks flying shrapnel*
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