Maus (furrymouse) wrote in metaquotes,

evilrat has allways made me chuckle and think at the same time. Tonight's post is no different...

In other news, Mr. Pringle and Korean noodle heiress Assi:
Separated at birth? I report, you decide!

EDIT: To Add Another Metaquote...
And, in other news, mrobenee_kelley discusses how lost weight makes her feel...

Anyhow, I was getting ready to take a shower and was standing in my bathroom taking off the skirt and started to unbutton my shirt when I caught a glimps of myself in the mirror. What I saw was a real live girl with a figure in underwear and a half removed, tight fitting shirt and nicely held up D cups (D I still can't believe it). I stared for a minute in disbelief. Then a commercial came on in the living room with this slow dancy music on it and I started to do a strip-tease in the mirror. It was pretty hysterical until I saw the big scar on my belly...then it was even more hysterical because for the first time in....forever...I felt like I was sexy (even with the scar).
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