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Kate the Short

Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

In King Kong vs. Iron Chef Godzilla, osewalrus ponders an *unusually* interesting battle at Kitchen Stadium:

Usual framing shot, we see Fuki, Bimbo Du Jour, and Hatori sitting behind special plate glass.

Fuki: Well, we certainly have an exciting match for us here tonight folks. An Island Chef, an expert on Raw Cusine, who answers the age old question "Where does the 800 Ton Gorrilla cook?" Well tonight, he cooks in Kitchen Stadium. And I hear he's also known as a ladies man as well, which should please or guest tonight, an actress you've never heard of.

BDJ: Pleasure to be here. I've been working on my screams for a week. [Giggle]

Fuki: And of course, our commentator, Doctor Yukio Hatori.

Hatori: Always a pleasure.

Fuki: And now, here comes Chairman Kaga.

Kaga: [Dressed in sequine safari suit, sort of what would happen if Liberace had shopped at Bananna Republic] Tonight is a special occassion for two reasons. It is the first time we have a giant ape and raw cook as a challenger. And second [evil grin], well, you will just have to wait and see. But first, lets bring on the challenger, King Kong.

Public post, permission freely given to link.
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