Victor Stillwater (i_am_stillwater) wrote in metaquotes,
Victor Stillwater

The Redneck Jar Jar Binks.

sugarcane_moon deals with an unbelievable hillbilly over at customers_suck

 ...Imagine the biggest hillbilly you've ever met and multiply it by twelve. His grammar made it sound like he hadn't made it past a third grade education. Lots of "I knows" and "she be's." It was like talking to a redneck JarJar Binks.

Finally I asked, "Sir, would you like to speak to my supervisor?" This was mostly to get him the hell off my line.

His response was priceless: "No, no, I know there be's a woman up there, and she ain't be's good for nothin' but eatin'!"


Cue bewilderment.

Full post here...
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