waterfaery (waterfaery) wrote in metaquotes,

Two funny

In a flocked post (QWP), solcita shares the lighter side of being a 911 dispatcher. Best line of the night, from her next-console-neighbor's call:

The officers are out at an apartment complex, investigating a report from a neighbor of what sounds like a physical domestic violence call. After a few minutes on scene, the officer says "Uh... what we have here is two people who are very much in love with each other ... and I kinda feel bad for interrupting."

And pathdancer's assets are frozen:
I was supposed to have paid December's tuition by now, but I had trouble getting to the credit card. I kept forgetting to take it out of the freezer so it could melt out of the block of ice it's encased in.

When I called her to give her the number so I could get my account paid up, I apologized and told her why I was so late.

She dropped the phone.

(also flocked, also QWP)
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