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MMMMMM...that's tasty

From the ever-eloquent copperbadge , describing his attempt to cook a traditional Norwegian dish for his stepdad:
Okay you guys.

I know someone out there has a recipe for baconost you want to give me. Preferably one in English, since the one I ran through the Norwegian-to-English translator informs me that I must "Begin along with to spatula three baconskiver, lays you them in a forehead, and rather bustle above. As movingly still am wet, drysser you above torn cheese, and shake at forehead, so that cheese descends movingly."

It's for Lucky as a surprise snack on Christmas Eve, since he's a fan of all things Norwegian, being of Norwegian ancestry. Technically so am I, five or six generations back, but then my antecedent was also a pirate and you don't see me pillaging.

Edited to add:QWP, of course!
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