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NEWS OF 2010:

Google announces launch of Google Life Search Beta, new technology that will enable users to look for anything at all - from the homework that the dog ate to the sock that disappeared in the dryer.

Users will be able to view a Cache, or reproduction, of the lost object in case the original is irreplaceable. They will also be able to search for items not belonging to themselves in their general vicinity and send it via Lost Item Messenger to its rightful owner.

Planned additions include the ability to search through human memory, as well as searching for items such as Sanity, Dignity, and Sense, as well as Love Of My Life and Dream Job.

Interested beta testers will need to obtain a certain code from other beta testers, usually a random unpaired Lost Dryer Sock. It is not clear when Google Life Search will come out of beta status and be open to all.

From divabat,here, in reply to people talking about trying to use google to find things they lost.
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