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Baekjool Boolgool

My buddy mark_o_rama, after ranting about Ann Coulter's latest column, used a nice analogy to sum up the last five years of our government's actions... (from a locked post, QWP)

"The last 5 years have been sort of like, being in a car accident (9/11,) not getting the information of the guy that hit you (bin Laden,) going to your auto insurance agency (Congress,) going to get your car fixed (invading Afghanistan,) not being able to track down the guy that hit you (bin Laden again,) going to the wrong auto shop to get your work done (Iraq,) having them ask what the fuck you are doing there (the Iraqi people, as well as a good chunk of the rest of the world,) trying to using your auto insurance to get work done wherever you feel like (invading Iraq,) having them give you a hard time about it (the insurgency,) complaining to your friends about what a bunch of pricks the auto shop guys are being (the constant spin that we're justified to be there,) not being able to get your car fixed there either (no WMD,) but while you're there getting that squeaky door fixed (removing Saddam / establishing democracy), putting it on your credit card (record deficit spending) so your insurance can cover it later (additional Congressional funding for the ongoing war) and ignoring the fact that your were in a car accident, didn't get the guy's info, couldn't find him, or get your car fixed in either body shop you went to, so you can pass off getting someone else to pay for your car door as a success when you discuss the debacle with your friends at the water cooler on Monday."

Keep in mind it's just opinion and posted for the sake of the humor. No attempts at starting political flame wars are intended.

ETA: [Insert complaint about long political threads instead of the normal meta humor which will inevitably cause more comments to flood my inbox.]
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