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Brought to you by the letter R, the number 3, and the Oxford comma

QWP from exlibris11235, in this post.
I've walked by this woman's cubicle several times now, and every time something she's had written on her dry erase board has struck me:

"To my parents, Ayn Rand and God"

Your parents were Ayn Rand and God? So the reason Ayn Rand was an atheist was because God ran off with that tramp C.S. Lewis and was always delinquent with the child support and alimony? I guess I'd have a hard time believing in a guy that did that to me, too.

I know we have a diverse group here at my company, but I didn't think I was working with Jesus' baby sister and the heir to the Objectivist empire. I'm not sure if that makes us more specialer or not.
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