Cris (_prism) wrote in metaquotes,

abominablein a public entry about his/my school.

Advisory is like homeroom.

I was sitting in the B-Wing hallway during my morning open and Ms Puglia was talking to some random student for cutting or whatever. Well, the conversation between them went something like this (in a very summarized way):

Vice Principal: You cut advisory.
Some Freshman: I don't need to go there. I got it covered.
Vice Principal: It's not an option. Every student in BHS needs to go.
Some Freshman: Seriously, yo. I know what I'm doing.
Vice Principal: It's not your choice.
Some Freshman: Why you gangin' up on me? Cuz I'm black?
Vice Principal: No!
Some Freshman: This goddamned town is all out to get me.

You can't play the race card when you cut, dumbass. Well, I just got up and left behind a corner so I could laugh my ass off. I didn't know that people still thought like that after 40 years of civil rights. You're stereotyping your own race you silly boy you.

we have a very diverse school, or at least an accepting one, there are a lot of stupid people in that building though, of all races.
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