Tethys (sea_of_tethys) wrote in metaquotes,

From a locked post, with permission.

undeadgoat takes issue with my greeting-card practices. I may be an Internet stalker, but it's still my birthday!

I have decided that sea_of_tethys is totally a creepy stalker. I just got her Holiday card, and a lovely one it is (my brother asked if it was from France because it says "Air Mail par avion" and me and my mom were like no, they have English and French no matter where you send it from), and ANYWAYS, she has no return address, and the postmark was incredibly faint, and I couldn't even tell what country the stamp was from, AND THEN she doesn't even sign it with her real name! Like, can you say scary old man of the internet coming to rape people in the night? Girly handwriting notwithstanding . . .

Ooh, and happy birthday, sea_of_tethys!
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