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Meta-meta scented with roses

Said by khaman here on convincing men that females fart flitter and unicorns.

I could have gotten away with trying to convince my boyfriend of this if I hadn't farted on him (A magnificent, sonorous fart, full of resonance and magical odors. I belive it was a tenor) while asleep one night. It was such a magical fart that I actually woke up and thought to myself, "Thank gods I'm alone... OH FUCK I'M NOT!"

He laughed at me in the morning.

EDIT: For easy browsing I'll add my other quote onto this post.

Said by petalsinthewind here.

Why do all the reviews seem to utterly spoil the movie?

Today, I did my best to despoil the movie by revealing that I read the story and all the reveiws and such are so misleading. "BECAUSE THEY GALLOP OFF INTO THE SUNSET AND HAVE A RANCH! A SEXY RANCH! WITH NO SHIRTS EVER!"

I suspect that I failed to despoil the movie.
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