Larathia Nightraven (larathia) wrote in metaquotes,
Larathia Nightraven

dar_actually has noted one of the fundamental flaws of most slash:

Let's move on. I see England has allowed gay marriage, well done there. We're one step closer to the de-tabooing of homosexuality, and before long thousands of slashers will have to find something else to be titillated about.
Slasher A: "Aw, dammit! They've gone and legalized gay marriage in all 50 states and 187 countries!"
Slasher B: "Isn't that a good thing?"
Slasher A: "No, fag hag! It means what we've always feared would happen - people think homosexuality is perfectly normal, nothing's wrong with it and nobody's condemning it!"
Slasher B: "I still don't see how this is a bad thing."
Slasher A: "Because, you retard, now that there's nothing taboo about it, people are going to be able to legitamately point out all our spelling mistakes, plot-holes and inconsistencies! We'll be no longer the champions of the gay rights movement and the underground gay porn scene - we'll be just bad writers!"
Slasher B: "SHIT!"
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