Curly Fry and the Tator Tots (jaebird) wrote in metaquotes,
Curly Fry and the Tator Tots

brucenstein gets a present!!

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A short one while I am at work, with nothing to do. Scratch that, excitment is afoot:


(1) No I'm not dead, merely been absent from ye ol' land of LJ. A triumphant return soon. By "triumphant return" I mean I'm going to continue to play DDR and Knights of the Old Republic II.

(2) I will be attempting to complete my World Beer Tour by Friday. This means that every day after work this week I have to have four beers. I think the fact that I would make this a personal goal of mine speaks enough by itself.

(3) I will be joined in this endeavour by a $50 gift card (thanks, mom) and my notebook. Expect Dwight Nash stuff. Or not.

(4) Today I received a present. It was a clock and it was given to me by the creepy guy from Pekin who likes to touch me.

Welcome to my life, folks
Poor person..
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