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There is an X-files marathon of sorts on TNT right now. The X-files always used to scare me crapless when I was little (but that didn't stop me from watching it all freaking night in mom's bed in our basement appartment with the covers over my head) and GUESS WHAT? IT STILL FUCKING DOES. I may joke but that is some creepy shit. Although largely, I blame it on the on the early '90s picture quality. I am fairly certain I am the only one that is scared of that sort of thing, but the bleak, washed out colors and that faint buzzing you can hear in the background due to poor sound quality creep me out more than the FROZEN ALIEN WORM BABIES THAT INFEST YOUR BODY AND MAKE YOU KILL THINGS. I have never been able to watch Beavis and Butthead or My So-Called Life for this very reason. But then, I am also afraid to have any limbs hanging over the sides of my bed, because I used to be convinced giant razor blades would fall from the ceiling and chop them off.

Holy crap what is in this sinus medication?
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