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The other day Rachel and I were watching the telly (we were stalking the PoA trailer on E! and Access Hollywood, actually) and we saw a promo for the Victoria's Secret holiday fashion show, to be shown on CBS.

The rep for Victoria's Secret said, and I quote, "The theme for this year's collection is: sexy!"

And...this is different from all the other lines they've done how? Isn't sexy sort of their raison d'etre? Doesn't the fact that they sell lingerie sort of assume the notion that they'll want to make it sexy?

I can imagine that creative meeting. Hmm...I can almost see it...

Marketing Idiot 1: What should our theme be for this year's collection?
Marketing Idiot 2: How about 'sexy?'
Marketing Idiot 3: Nah, that's been done. I was thinking 'flannel.'
Marketing Idiot 1: Yeah! Or how about 'terrycloth?'

That's like a pizza place saying, "Our theme for this year's pizzas is going to be: CHEESE! And we thought we'd make 'em ROUND! Yeah! We're wild and crazy, but it just might work!"

Sigh. We're surrounded by idiots.

- madlori in this entry
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