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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Cheesiness aplenty
arabwel wrote in metaquotes
THe dear dee_emm is visiting relatives in Taiwan and has Interesting Times...


By the way! I have a story to share with you all. The other day, I was in this fancy Italian/French restaurant (where I had Escargot, but that's another story) and so they had fancy English under the usual Chinese names. They're pretty accurate, until I read about desserts. Under the Chinese for cheesecake, was the English word, "Wikipedia".

I shit you not.


found here

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I have no idea how that's possible but it's just hilarious :D

...first thought was using a Wikimedia Chinese-English dictionary and c&Ping the wrong bit, but IIRC they don't have translation dictionaries yet.

Maybe they went to the Chinese Wikipedia page about cheesecake, and clicked on English, and copied a word from the title.

Just LMAO! That's definitely the funniest thing I've heard all day1 Thanks for posting that!

*cracks up* I think the people over lingaphiles would love this story.

Yes. Sorry. I goofed on the tag. ^^'

Your icon is the best thing I have seen ALL WEEK. It is made of win and god.

That? Awesome.

Maybe someone asked someone what "cheesecake" was in English, and they said, "I dunno, look it up on Wikipedia?" Hmm... probably not.

So....does this mean Wikipedia wins not only the internet but China as well?


Clearly they expected you to click on the link (that was obviously there on the paper menu) and look up the desert for yourself.

OMG. Somebody Wiki'd their cheesecake test!

Gasp! It's the new ILOVEBEES, I swear! *goes to search Wiki entry*

Butter many privates

Speaking of Chinese menus... this post is worthy of many metaquotes in itself:

I'll take a photo of it if I go there again...it's a chain restaurant (I think?) so shouldn't be that hard to find.

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