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"Did I mention that Prince Harry was at my dad's work the other day? Monday I think it was. I know what you're thinking... well, what you'd be thinking if you knew where my dad worked, anyways. You're thinking, "What is royalty doing touring an abattoir?"

Apparently the property where he's staying out at Roma gets its cattle killed there. He must've just hitched a ride for a look-see or something.

Funny story. Well, amusing. Guy that works the loading was having trouble with a bullock going up the ramp, so he's jabbing it with the prodder and giving it some gentle encouragement in that time-honoured fashion of cattlement everywhere (ie. yelling "Go on you fucking mongrel bastard!"). Then he turns around and HRH Harry is standing there. Dad reckons knowing ol' Gary though, he'd have said the same thing had he known anyway..."-- _xehra

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