Vvalkyri (vvalkyri) wrote in metaquotes,

When the other departments are just too annoying...

palliddreamer gets tired of the IV folks calling every 45 minutes to ask about the TPN* forms that aren't due for a couple hours. So he starts answering in other ways:

Me: Level two nursery.
IV: Do you have any TPN orders yet?
Me: Actually yes, we have about thirty of them. All filled out.
IV: Great! Could you send them down so we can get started?
Me: No, we really can't.
IV: ??
Me: In fact, I'm going to send all thirty at 13:59. Cheers! *click*

Me: Domino's Pizza! Can I take your order? . . .

But really, to get the full effect, the one which had me laughing to tears, read the whole post. It's the escalation as time goes by, and I particularly loved the rest of the pizza...

*Total Parenteral Nutrition, for small babies.
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