Larathia Nightraven (larathia) wrote in metaquotes,
Larathia Nightraven

dar_actually has explored the Nine Circles of Nerd Hell:

Circle 2 - The Lustful

Here people who through much gleeful squeeing of "OTP! OTP!" must watch in horror for all eternity, their OTP date other characters. Usually who they ended up with in canon, since it's incredibly rare that an OTP actually exists anywhere outside of a fan's head.
Slashers are the most common inhabitants of this realm. Their eternal suffering is one where every last person and character in the world is a non-curious heterosexual, and all the stories of the world have plots. The screaming of the slashers torment is so loud, it rattles the walls of the other circles.
Notable inhabitants: Anne Rice is here, trapped forever in a nightmare of interesting plots and not a single homosexual in the world. Ironically, this is also actually George Bush's Heaven.
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