Alden Moffett Utter (nedlum) wrote in metaquotes,
Alden Moffett Utter

At risk of continuing her slide into madness...

dimethirwen considers the nature of dryer lint:

"I mean, seriously. Isn't there some kind of... lint threshold? A number that can determine the slow tapering off of the amount of lint in the trap as inversely proportional to the amount of time you've owned a load of laundry, with variables for newer articles of clothing? And why, in the name of God, is this not something we learned in math class? These things that we absolutely need to know?

"After I thought about this for a bit, I proceeded to open up all of the dryers and examined their traps, scraping off lint with my fingernail and examining it a nose length away. After a few minutes, someone came in and took their laundry out of the dryer, giving me a puzzled look as I mumbled under my breath about thresholds and math class and llamas and lint.

"... commit me. Seriously. Just do it."
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