live through this and you won't look back (buffyx) wrote in metaquotes,
live through this and you won't look back

theohara, here:

Why I Generally Do Not Get Invited Back To Proper Social Functions:

Neighbor #1: Oh, I love a goosedown pillow.
Neighbor #2: Oh, but they're so expensive.
Neighbor #3: Oh, I know, I know.
Neighbor #4: I got some at Big Lots... two for $30!
Neighbor #1: Oh, that couldn't have been real goosedown.
Neighbor #4: But it was!
Neighbor #2: Well, I'll be. Real goosedown?
Neighbor #4: Real goosedown.
Neighbor #1: But that's so cheap!
Me: God bless the avian flu, huh?
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