Mia (eponinenkind) wrote in metaquotes,

allemande has lots of fun in choir.

Jeremy Woodruff, or Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy as he is known to the choir now, is the composer of the modern piece we're premiering next weekend (after singing some lovely Renaissance and Romantic music). The piece is weird enough as it is - it's for choir and percussion, the choir is divided into two choirs who sing totally different things (and are even in a different measure, which is why the piece needs two conductors!), the lyrics are all about death and destruction and tolerable chords are a bit rare.

But what makes the thing even stranger (and more hilarious) is that in the second part, we're singing excerpts from the Rheinberger (Romantic guy), but not on the original Latin text. We're singing them on "Jeremy".

That having been said, I think it might turn out quite cool in the end.
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