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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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When someone misses the Grammar Nazi mark
sdragon wrote in metaquotes
Someone gets mixed up about semi-colons and colons, and shippo observes:

"Grammar-Hitler is probably spinning in his grave."

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I definetely read that as Grandma-Hitler and was very confused as to why the poster was talking about Grammar Nazis when they were quoting a sentence with disagreeing genders.

Grandma Hitler?
I can't imagine how terrible that Christmas must have been.

Don't eat the cookies! Don't eat the cookies!

Considering the complexities of Hitler's family tree, you never know ...

I was going to crack wise on the Holocaust that is most fan-fic, but I felt it in poor taste, even for me.

The Sue-caust . . . er, yeah. Still cringe-worthy.

(though an internment camp for Sues has potential)

I'd be spinning in my grave, too, if I were dead.

OMG that arguement was ridiculous. How many reputible sources does one have to present to be left alone?

You forgot the best part, that presenting reputable sources in a comment with little to no emotional overtones makes one a drama queen.

Oh God, that person. I weepz for the state our world is in today. *weepz*

How do you live for 21 years without learning the difference between a semicolon and a colon? *weeps*

Officer of the INTARWEB Police:

May I see your LJ license please? Do you know why I've pulled you over today?

Yeah, that's right, you've violated Godwin's Law.

But ... since you did it in such a witty way, I'll let you off with a warning. Have a nice day, now!

*zooms off to Krispy Kreme*

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