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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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How come I never have conversations like this?
crazykawaii wrote in metaquotes
Neil Gaiman proves, once again, that he lives an interesting life.

"What's that noise?" said Matthew.

"Er, a plane?" I suggested.

"I think it's pipes," said Jane. "Something in the pipes."

Matthew looked out of the window doubtfully. "Oh, it's okay," he said, relieved. "It's just a man with a flamethrower."

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Man, I love Neil Gaiman...

...omgyouricon. it's so cute.

Isn't it? :D I loved that picture.

*blink* You can use "gneil"? Like "pterry"?

I did not know that.

Really? You totally can. Gneil and Pterry. Our gods of fantasy.

How did the invention of the flamethrower come about? Was someone walking down the street, and saw somebody on the other side and thought 'Gee, I'd really like to set fire to that person, but I don't want to have to cross the street to do it. If only there were a way I could THROW the flames onto him...'

/misquotation of George Carlon

(Deleted comment)
Honestly, I can't say that looking out the window and seeing that would surprise me much. It's never happened before, but it still doesn't seem out of place.

Serouisly? I'm not sure what they're up to, but we got them all the time in the car parks when I was in Nottingham, burning off paint or something. Never quite understood what the hell it was about, but about once a week, you'd be walking along, and see a guy with a flamethrower, aiming it at the ground.

(Deleted comment)
I completely agree, as long as it isn't London Below. *shivers*

(Deleted comment)
My first thought was "Bagpipes, WTF?"

I win. Er, lose.

Radically off topic, but who is the artist of the print in your icon? Because I actually own that print and it really bothers me that I don't know.

Ethereal Mind - it's here.

I think this image must have a habit of getting lost - this is I think the third time I've gone on an internet quest for it (but I've found it every time!)

Oddly, that sounds like a conversation my boifriend and I would have. I think we'd get on well with Neil Gaiman's neighbors. =)

(Deleted comment)
Yes... join us. Be one of us. /creepy cult voice

I really, really recommend American Gods, readily available in paperback. It's how I hooked my non-fantasy-reading sister on the wonder that is Neil Gaiman.

Ooh, there should be a cult. I've always wanted to join a cult.

That's where I got started in reading the Gaiman. Holy hell that's a funny book.

Ditto - I quote it every chance I get (even though most people don't get it).

Now I really want to reread it.... too bad my ex-boyfriend has my copy.

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