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Geek stocking stuffers for the holidays
Default - Blue dragonfly
celticdragonfly wrote in metaquotes
downwood posts here:

ThinkGeek.com needs to come out with their own line of condoms. They can advertise them as "Antivirus and Copy Protection - all in one anti-static package"

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
...to allow them to interface their hardware with another system's software.

...but only if the connection stays up, of course.

I somehow doubt there will be timeouts or a drop in bandwidth at that stage.

*insert reference to my claim to fame Metaquote here. Because I can't help pimping myself.*

You never know - middleware can sometimes be needed in these situations...

Generally speaking, though, those are more for finding a way of extending the life of an old program. At some point, they simply don't have the processing power to get a good interface.

At which point, either the old hardware needs to be upgraded, or it really shouldn't try to interface with newer software in the first place, in which case it's time to retire that old hardware and replace it with hardware that is in its prime.

Yeah, but you know how much they complain about adding legacy support to every new piece of software. We know that eventually there will be a non-recoverable crash, but until then, I guess we have to put up with it. I just wonder when people will start using them for as long as the designer intended, rather than trying to hang on past their usefulness date.

*cackles* Oh, man. Brilliant.

Oooh, I would buy those in bulk. And spam the city with them.

But, does it work with eunuchs UNIX?

UNIX wouldn't need that sort of protection in the first place.

Hehehe! :D Good point AND hillarious!

This of course all relies on the notion that computer nerds have sex.

This is, of course, false.

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