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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Power to the People?
Cool [DS] [Protag]
atrypical wrote in metaquotes

In this post by audiodrops , she explores the duties of an American citizen.

"I feel like I should use this journal to post my world-changing political essays, and make deep, thought-out statements about the state of the world, religion, and my very heart as an American citizen, or indeed, as a teenaged caucasian woman.


But as I
don't have anything to say that fits any of those criterias, I'm not going to.



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*Sniff* Trousers, yo, trousers. :D

What starts with an "s" and ends with "ex?"


Sincere apologies.
K Bye.

Hey, Megs got metaquoted! Rock on, Megs!

*jealous* Meg is funnier than me.

PANTS PANTS PANTS isn't a comment on the state of the world, religion and her very heart as an American citizen, &c.?

Sing the praises of pants! Nothing better shows my taste than what I wear below my waist!

Let me steal your icon? :D

As long as you credit nomadicwriter, I'm fine wit that.

About your icon... my favorite mis-anagram for Tom Marvolo Riddle is "Dial Dorm Lover Tom."

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