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(no subject)
The Nightmare Before Christmas
avari_puppet wrote in metaquotes
Oh, the joys of rant communities.

Within a day of that little incident, the player was lying through her teeth, claiming my character raped her. When the truth came out, IC and OOC, that no, I as a player and he as a non-stupid character wouldn't do that, someone else still tried to get my fella into trouble. The character claimed that because the dear little kitten "felt raped" that he should be punished as such.

My character's response to that was, "Really? Her bullshit story just to cover her stupidity makes me feel dead inside. I want her punished for murder."


Context/Post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bad_rpers_suck/2107166.html?thread=37881630#t37881630

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Lol. *luffs rant communities*

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