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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
dinpik wrote in metaquotes
Said by felinephoenix on JF, about the Cherry Garcia ice cream wank:

"How the hell can someone wank over having ice cream? You have freaking ice cream, there is no need to wank, unless you want to get kinky."

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Nice icon. Might want to add in the links in the post before a mod spots it.

Hey, you need some sort of link somewhere. Community? Post? Original Poster? Bueller?

I like how cool this community is to each other. mock_the_stupid has the potential to get ugly. Over spelling and grammar...
Woot for the relaxed and groovy.

Don't be too complimentary ;) We get ugly here too sometimes, but it has more to do with the poster's response, you know?

Either way, everyone is in metaquotes to have fun, so we try to keep it fun :)


(I have to agree about the linkage, not for the principle of the thing, just because I am bemused and intrigued by the quote and now I want to know just how it is possible to wank over ice cream and no, there is no non-dodgy way of saying that.)

Yay, thank you. I think. The wank broke my brain, but at least I get it now. :)

Also, clearly that post is locked, so get some permission.

Fandom_wank is not locked. Neither are any of the communities linked to in that post.

I work at IHOP...and everyday it's slow I just mentally design iHop icons that I'll never make.
I commend you!

Ohhh, now I crave Cherry Garcia like whoa!

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