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Public Service Announcement

Yes, there are some words in modern day internet-speak that just need to die. So I am killing them.

* "Like whoa!" - Come on people. That got old in April. Anyone who still says that isn't even using it to be funny anymore, they're going overboard. Like no!
* "OMGWTFBBQ" - It was amusing when the first 100,000,000,000 people did it.
* "Hurr, Thurr, Scurred" - Once the song has been played too many times on the Top 40 stations, it's time to give it up, kids.
* "Ish" - To replace "is" with "ish"... Honestly, who talks like that? Say it aloud a few times and you'll see what I mean.
* "Hella!" - I killed this a long time ago, people! Didn't you get the memo?
* "You're the sex!" - How can someone be sex? And oh ho, not only are they sex personified, they are THE sex personified. That's just lame.
* "Iz and Izzle" - Refrain from using these in everyday words, please. They just don't like being put there.
* "O.o;;; and =@.@= and '~.~' etc." - Smilies are our ways out of typing, "I'm happy" or "I'm suprised" because we're lazy fucks. Now why would you use a smily that takes just as much effort as the words themselves? Keep the emoticons simple, please.
* "Diekthnxplz" - Same as "OMGWTFBBQ". Apply bat to horse carcass if you use this still.
* "Whatev" - If you can't muster the strength to type the extra "er", you should invest in some time away from the computer.

- onatopp
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