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When hip-hop meets nerd

My brutha of anotha mutha falar

"I had some ... humorous ... answers in my last Database test. For example:

Explain the functions of shared and exclusive locks.

Shared locks are locks that say, "Eh, you, transaction like me, we brutha's of the same mutha, you can come reach in mah bag o' chips while I'm still in here. It's coo', dawg." Basically, two similar transactions can access the same information at the same time. An example would be SELECTs for display.

An exclusive lock says, "Foo', you no touchin' mah bag o' chips until I be done with it. Come any closer an' I bust a cap up your [BRIAN CENSOR]." The exclusive lock says that only the transaction holding the lock can access the information at that time. An example would be UPDATEs on the same information."

In a public post, here.

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