Christine (sandwichartist7) wrote in metaquotes,

Just a quick Canadian moment

From a locked post with permission.

almasi  discovers that her roommate should probably stick to watching the OC instead of  Canadian Politics.


A: *is quietly watching the news as RM comes in*
RM: What are you watching?
A: The news. Harper is such a tool. I love the political drama.
RM: Who's Harper?
A: Ummm... the leader of the conservative party.
RM: Oh okay...
A: Do you know who that is?
*points to the tv*
RM: Ummm.... no.
A: Thats okay, that was a tricky one. Thats Gilles Duceppe, hes the leader of the Bloc.
RM: Oh cool! And Jack Layton is the guy you like right?
A: Yes, hes from the NDP.
RM: So, who's the leader of the Liberals?
A: Excuse me?
RM: The Liberals, who's there leader?
A: It's Paul Martin.

*moment of silence*

A: You know, the Prime Minister?
RM: Ohh, cool!

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