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I know we make the occasional exception for journalfen, and this was just too good not to share.

Over at fandom_wank, there's a post about the recent closing down of an HP fic archiving website. One of the archivers pointed a finger at the comm, to which the brilliant and clever jrandomlurker quipped:

Blllame Fandom Wank!
Blame Fandom Wank!

It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since FW came along

Blame Fandom Wank!
Blame Fandom Wank!

They're not even a real LJ anyway...

My site could have been a treasure
My ego says it's true
Instead I deleted like a moron
And I'll claim it's cause of you!

Should we blame the BNF?
Should we blame Rowling, J?
Or the fans who cry and whine to get their way?

Blame Fandom wank!

FOR THE RECORD, this is NOT to incite more wank. It's all about jrandomlurker's funny. Be nice, please?

Context! Get yer context here!
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