Slyfoot (slyfoot) wrote in metaquotes,

Rat Brains Flying Planes vs. Monkey Brain Controlled Robot Arms

Which is cooler: A Rat Brain That Flies Fighter Jets or Monkeys Controlling Robot Arms With Their Brains?

Here's the comment thread from a post in ubergeeks

[brainache's OP quotes from The Register's article about the rat brain that flies fighter jets.]

Comment from jrnlmnky: This is even cooler than the monkeys controlling robotic arms with their brains!

Comment from genepool23: Nothing is cooler than telepathic robot monkey arms.

Comment from brainache: THEY GREW A BRAIN and it can FLY PLANES. This is pretty frelling cool.

Comment from genepool23: Beyond cool, but missing the all-important monkey factor.

You can help settle the argument here.
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