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Victor Stillwater

So... what would YOU call a case study on Penile Fractures?

starsplashes has a conversation with a friend about finding a good title titles for her friend's study.

It's about Penis Fractures.

oh, and bitch_train translates portions from tagalog.

markwombat16: sam help me
markwombat16: gimme a good and dramatic title
markwombat16: for our case about Penile Fracture
markwombat16: pls!
chasing_cloud: oh no
chasing_cloud: heheh
chasing_cloud: broken dick
markwombat16: for our case presentation
chasing_cloud: that's a good one
chasing_cloud: broken bamboo
markwombat16: For Example A Gift of Life in Patient with Hemophilia B
markwombat16: something like that
markwombat16: Pinoy Penis Fracture
markwombat16: hehehe
chasing_cloud: hehehe
chasing_cloud: The Removal of Pleasure with the Penile Fracture
chasing_cloud: Fractured Penis, Fractured Dreams
markwombat16: what else?
markwombat16: how about - Fractured Penis, Fractured Dreams?
markwombat16: it has to be dramatic
chasing_cloud: yuck!
chasing_cloud: hmmm...
chasing_cloud: hehe
chasing_cloud: okay..
markwombat16: Here I come to fix ur fractured penis.....
chasing_cloud: ehhehehe
markwombat16: awhat else
chasing_cloud: Nurture My Penile Fracture
chasing_cloud: Rise My Penis Rise!
markwombat16: Fixing my Broken Dick
chasing_cloud: heheh
markwombat16: not impotent
chasing_cloud: hehe
markwombat16: just fractured
chasing_cloud: Penis Fractured, Paradise Lost.
chasing_cloud: Unbreak MY PENIS!
markwombat16: Tell me where it hurts my penis!
chasing_cloud: ?~~????...
chasing_cloud: My Penis WIll gO on (Even if FractureD)
markwombat16: it has to be scientific and respectable!
chasing_cloud: hehe
chasing_cloud: okay - Fractured Penis, Fractured Dreams - that's it.
chasing_cloud: The Appreciation of Life After A Penile Fracture
markwombat16: that's a good one!
chasing_cloud: yuck
chasing_cloud: that was just a joke
chasing_cloud: I will survive (after a penile fracture)
markwombat16: what Life after a Penile Fracture
chasing_cloud: what else?
chasing_cloud: Bed of Roses: Aftermath of a Penile Fracture
chasing_cloud: corny
markwombat16: yeah
chasing_cloud: aww what else?
chasing_cloud: what else!
chasing_cloud: smile when your penis is breaking
chasing_cloud: break my penis gently
markwombat16: Harry Potter and his Penile Fracture
markwombat16: how gross!
chasing_cloud: hahahaha
chasing_cloud: corny!
chasing_cloud: penis, take a bow

The post, in a mix of English and Tagalog, as well as the full English Translation can be found over here.
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