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...that's gotta be a pen name.

anandangel discusses her day:

"Oh, wow. I'm sitting in Davis circulation. Nervous Guy (NG) comes up to the desk with a big stack of books.

NG: Um. These are for, uh, my girlfriend. She's doing a psychology paper. Can I just leave these here for a few minutes while I go grab my One Card?
[One Cards are like UNC library cards, and are also used for meal plans, basketball tickets... pretty much everything.]
LEAH: Sure, that's fine.
NG: *scurries away to elevator*

I almost didn't look. I didn't really care. I was doing the DTH crossword. Fortunately, curiosity prevailed.

NG's stack of books included the following:

- Love, Sex, Intimacy, and Friendship Between Men
- The Gay Book of Lists
- Men in Love: Masculinity and Sexuality
- Love Stories: Sex Between Men Before Homosexuality
- Homosexuality in Colonial America

And my personal favorite,

- Nameless Offenses: Homosexual Desire, by - I shit you not - H.G. Cocks.

When NG came back downstairs, I checked the books out for him, gave him a bag, and reassured him that yes, he can turn them in at the library at UNCG.

I'm amused and I shouldn't be, and I feel like I'm about 12, but... it made my day."

Edit: Unlocked. Context:

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