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My sister foxie posted this a couple days ago and I just had the brilliant idea to share it with more people. She has a (small) obsession with zombies and a tendency to be quiet and then come up with really odd things. The post is friends-only but QWP (entire post is quoted), and demonstrates both of these qualities in her. YAY!

I think I need to stop being so weird.

Maddy: (to lab partner) So I got a flu shot yesterday, but now my arm's all sore.
Girl: Oh, they're doing flu shots?
Maddy: Yeah, but it was only for yesterday, so it's too late.
Girl: Oh. I'm afraid of needles anyway. I can't get shots.
Maddy: Oh. Well, if it were an emergency, though, you would get one.
Girl: Uhhh ... (looks uncomfortable) I wouldn't really be OK with it.
Maddy: Well, but you'd let them strap you down or something. I mean, what if you HAD to get one?
Girl: Uh ...
Maddy: I'm just saying. If the zombies take over the world, and you have to get the immunity shot, well, then you'd do it.
Girl: ... Nooo ... probably not ...
Maddy: Well, I'm just saying. When the zombies come. You could probably try to get over that, if you wanted to.
Girl: Probably.
(awkward silence)

It would probably be best if I talked about zombies less.
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