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It should be called the "Native American Ocean," then!

In this splendid entry in the community mock_the_stupid, rampagingturtle pays tribute to one of the great educators of her high school career:

"Great Educators of the Twentieth Century, Episode 57: Mr. Jackson

It was in my junior year of high school that I had the remarkable good fortune to be enrolled in a World Cultures class taught by the illustrious Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson was a veritable fountain of little-known facts, and nary a day passed that I did not come away from his classroom having gleaned some new, never-imagined bit of understanding of the world outside my limited life experience. The following items are just a few pearls of wisdom imparted by this fine educator:

All Chinese children, without exception, get married at the age of nine.

Jesus, Moses, and Abraham Lincoln were black.

India is nowhere near the Indian Ocean.

One of the greatest regrets of my academic career is not submitting myself to his tutelage sooner, for his students the previous year had had the great privilege of watching a marvelous documentary about the life of early humans in prehistoric times, Caveman, narrated by Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach in the original Sanskrit."

The entire entry is hilarious.
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