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Roleplay Quote (Cut for being slightly naughty)

In this RP writing challenge post, which was much fangirled here, the character was praised by a player who left him uncharacteristically speechless:

Sally Mae: Gawd, now you gots me all hot 'n bothered, sugar! Whoooo-eee! *fans herself with her hat*

Sebastian: *grins* Well, now, what have we here?

Sally Mae: *grins* My name's Sally Mae, but y'can call me Sal. 'n I'm allergic to oranges.

Sebastian: Care for a banana?

Sally Mae: Oh, I looooooove bananas! *beams* Y'know, I can eat a banana whole 'cos I got no gag reflex. Pa says it's a gift, but I don' know why. *giggles* I beat m'hometown's boys in sausage-eatin' contests every time!

ETA: Original poster is cruel_cruel_boy
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