Lori (digopheliadug) wrote in metaquotes,

poshcat: Funny *and* Sexy

The ever-amusing poshcat laments the difficulty of being a grammar nazi in a public post...

It's hard being a grammar nazi. You always have to be super-vigilant that if someone is going to say "then" when she means "than", it's sure as hell not going to be you. You can lose your street cred faster than a gangsta being caught reading in a library. We've all witnessed those unfortunate comments wherein someone scathingly snarks, "Learn some grammer, why don't you?" Wince!!! And then everyone makes fun of them, and it ends up on Fandom Wank, and their cyber lives are effectively over. Being exposed as a grammar-lover wanna-be is definitely something I want to avoid at all costs. Who knows? Today I may forget to say "the girl who was there" instead of "the girl that was there", and next thing you know I'm saying "alot" and "your the best" every second sentence.

The rest is funny, too, if you want to check it out. Also, later in the post, she mentions me! Okay, not by name, but I still know it's me.
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