Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

On the Dead Letters

You've been dead for roughly two thousand years. A lot has happened since then. We have cell phones now! Just yesterday, I thought of you when I saw a "Jesus Is the Reason For the Season" bumper sticker on an SUV. SUV's are these big... remember camels? They're like two camels strapped together, only they take up too much desert and they don't conserve resources at all. In fact, they tend to use too much gas. Remember when you turned water into wine to entertain the troops? Imagine if Paul decided to be an asshole and drank all the wine himself, only to turn around & ride two camels and get in everyone's way... That's an SUV... sort of.

--velocityboy, writes a letter to Jesus and Nietzsche. But not in the same letter. Because that would be silly.
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