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"Attention everyone:

THIS is MY post. It's only here for me. It's not supposed to be here for you. So if you don't like this post, don't read it. I only want you to tell me if you like this post. If you don't like it, then go away. This is MY post. It's how I want to write it. And I can do whatever I want. Lots of other people write posts that are a lot worse than this one, so don't criticize this post. If other people write bad comments, then I can, too! And don't tell me I should use paragraphs. This is my post and I can do whatever I want. So there!

*sticks out her tongue at everyone*

I'm the maturest petulant brat you ever saw!"

silverhill responds to the "It's my story; I can do what I want" types in deleterius
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