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Now THIS is a decent crossover.

rohandove and a friend lose their minds at work...

discussing a Bugs Bunny/LoTRs crossover...

Denethor: Sir Loin of Beef, Earl of Cloves, Quarter of Ten

Gandalf: Foghorn Leghorn "What's the big idea chasing my Hobbit. You're an Orc, son."

Aragorn & Arwen: Pepe Le Pu and his little cat: "Ahhhh L'Amore! Ahh The June! aaaaa!! ::kiss kiss:: ::Arwen runs off, Aragorn winks at the camera:: ahh, the lady is playing the hard to get, no? Where are you my pigeon, I am playing the hide and go seeking for you!" ::Arwen ducks behind a tree::

Boromir & Lurtz: "My stars... monsters lead such interesting lives... ::does his hair:: That will never hold... will have to give you a permananant. Now, don't go away, I'll be right back! " Of course, the dynamite is in his hair... ::grins::

Gimli: Yosemite Sam The roughest, toughest, gosh darn tootiness dwarf that ever did roam Middle Earth! ::sounds of guns::
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