Harley (harley_davidson) wrote in metaquotes,

abstrak_tokatl says in nativeamerican

"This was too good to not mention;

Last year I had this conversation with a customer in our small retail computer store;

"Can I help you?"
"I need to get memory for my computer."
"Okay," I say, accessing our database, "what kind?"
"What kind of what?"
"Of memory."
"For my computer."
"I realize this. What kind of computer, and what kind or size of memory."
"Oh... uh... I need it for my... my... Indian computer."
"Uh... I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the brand."
"Well, it's not called an Indian... that's just what I call it. It has an Indian name."
"I don't know of a brand with an Indian name." I think of the Toshiba tribe. Nope.
"Well, I figure it's an Indian computer. When I call for support, I get an Indian guy."
"Well, Sir, many help lines are out-sourced to India now."
"But, it had an Indian name... it was... Deli... a Dell! That's it. I've got a Dell!"
"How do you figure that's an Indian name, Sir?"
"Well, isn't that a place in India? New Delhi or something?"
"Uh... yes... but Dell is spelled D-E-L-L... NOT D-E-L-H-I."
"Well, maybe they got their name from New Delhi.""
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