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diffrentcolours has an interesting theory on how to provide a whole neighbourhood with wireless internet:

The freedom of wireless means that I have a nice view of the street outside, the frosty gardens opposite, and flooks' cats sitting on the windowsill. Looking at cats. Who are, in turn, looking at other cats. And it occured to me that there is a suburban network of cats, each with line of sight, each no more than 50 metres from each other.

If each cat were fitted with a low-power minicomputer (something like a Gumstix Linux device perhaps) it would be pretty easy to set up wireless mesh networking in my neighbourhood, meaning that I could take my laptop to the park. It's a bit cold for it today, but would be great during the summer. The hard bit would be recharging the mesh nodes, unless they could be adapted to work off the cat's bioelectricity. This would tire the cats out more quickly meaning that they would need more food to recharge, but it's a small price to pay. And they'd be lying around more, which means a more stable network. Perhaps the devices could be subcutaneously implanted, and the cat's ears or similar used as aerials. Or you could go for the Gibson-style cybercat, with a small 802.11g aerial poking out of the skull behind the ear. You know it'd look good.

This might be cruel to cats, but frankly I don't much care for cats. And hey, wifi mesh!

Update: Bah, LJ has a limit on tag lengths, and "aesthetically pleasing unnecessary cruelty to domestic animals" is too long. Sulk.
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