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Let the Clues roam free.

dayofjudah rants so eloquently on bad_rpers_suck about a certian RPer she knows. Quoted with permission and taken from this thread.

- "No because your ferrari is a godmoding little piece of Sueshit I wouldn't pause to scrape off the bottom of my shoe. Get the fuck out and stop using your attentionwhores to pimp out your other attentionwhores. Let me take you out to the field of mating clues, who are fervently doing the clue mating dance to attract more studly, vibrantly colored clues, whilst filling the air with a pheromone-rich spray of clue musk. Behold, my little RP newbie acquaintance, CLUES! CLUES! NOW ALLOW ME TO GRASP ONE BY ITS WIGGLY FEET AND BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH IT!"

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