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theferrett on Furries

On Furries
Some people said, "Well, the furries are a different group of people who harm nobody. Is there anything wrong with that?"

No. But it still creeps me out. Is there anything wrong with that?

One of the thing that irritates me about the fan subculture is that they tend to equate "weird" with "protected" - as in, "These people should never be mocked just because they're different. Their lifestyle's as valid a choice as yours or mine."

No, their lifestyle's still fucking strange. They can choose it, and I'll support their right to do so - they should never be beaten or prevented from doing what they want behind closed doors. But I still reserve the right to point out that two gay guys in semen-spattered Smokey The Bear suits going at it in a sixty-nine position is pretty fucking funny.

Click Here for the rest of the rant...
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