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millym is far too quoteable

"We do not have a secret mini-fridge in the back with drinks we buy from the various soda companies, stocking it and never selling to customers. That Mountain Dew you want hat you swear would be somewhere in this theater? It's not there. What we do have, however, is a time and dimension jumping machine. Not as exciting as you think. It's just for missions to fix alternate realities and our own timeline occasionally. We kill Hitler, which causes robo-Hitler to exist somewhere else, so we have to kill robo Hitler, then by killing robo Hitler, we have to go back to the past and deal with emo Hitler and give him the confidence he needs to become a successful artist. If all goes well, we won't have to kill that version of him. If it doesn't (And believe me, it will not go well), we'll have to snipe emo Hitler at one point or another too. There's a lot of Hitler related missions, but there's some nice variety. I once had to drink Galileo under the table. Another interesting mission was beating Future-Stalin at Tony Hawk's pro skater."

taken from here
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