Lawrence Chu (loopychew) wrote in metaquotes,
Lawrence Chu


1. So miggy walks into a coffeehouse... (locked, QWP)

Two minutes and fifty seconds ago: "OH BOY. EMO NIGHT."
Thirty seconds ago: "Now he's introducing a new song. I'm all set up; maybe I'll pay attention this time."
Twenty seconds ago: "...there is apparently a subgenre called Christian Jock Emo."

2. kusoyaro talks about the worst dreams you could possibly have in the morning:

Picture yourself on a gameshow set on a tropical island. Every few minutes, there's a horrific beeping sound, and the goal is to be the first one to hit the buzzer and stop it. You're finally getting the timing down and are about to win the big bucks.

...then you finally wake up and realize that you've been hitting the Snooze button for the last half hour.

I'm pretty sure I had a third one to post, but I cannae for the life of me remember what it was.
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